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ok wow it’s been a while!

Hi tumblr and followers. I am back from a LONG break. We had our house warming party on Friday, that was a fun time! 20 people came and somehow we had a wrestling/hog tying event in my living room. People were warned about the jungle juice, BUT someone got a little carried away and drank 1/2 the gallon by herself. It came back to haunt her that night. We got attacked by fire crackers and smoke bombs and people jumping fences. Kryptonite wanted to attack Wells all night. We also bought Hauser’s truck. I’m mad cuz It’s the truck I’ve said I wanted n Seth goes ahead and buys it. Jerk lol. We also now have a four wheeler. Imma pass on that though. I like to feel safe and I don’t quite yet. Might be getting tile done everywhere the linoleum is in our new house! Have to post pictures later. My car is out of commission for the time being. My brother called me a while ago to have my nephew say “hi” to me!!! I was soooooo elated!!! Kitten has been scrappin with our other dogs. My sister-in-law is about to pop out our 7th nephew lol. Psh no neices, just nephews. On day, maybe. I’m ready to go see my family in July. Both in Ohio and Illinois! But for now it’s food time! I hope they bought me some shrimp!!!