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So you think you know me?

Tumblr, how I missed you! Ok so I’ve come the the realization that a bunch of friends don’t actually know me as well as I hoped… So Imma drop a few hints… I love love love tattoos and piercings. I HATE people who wear socks with sandals. I love corsets and wearing them, I own 4. I also love fishnets… Mostly with funky designs lol. I love the German culture and I want to visit Neuschwanstein castle! (preferably in the winter time) I also want to watch a Manchester United match IN STADIUM. I love food~ Mostly ribs, shrimp, brownies, mint chocolate chip anything, potatoes of any sort AND most cherry flavored candy~ie tootsie pops. My favorite color is a bright-ass-kick-in-the-mouth orange. Teal and a bright green are close in second… I have dyed (colored for those in cos school~although it’s the SAME DAMN THING) my hair every color in the rainbow and then some. I like being pale… It’s true. I have 3 dogs, Kryptonite (Nite Nite), Muttly (Mutt) and Kitten (Kitty) and a leopard gecko named Scout (Gout). I rarely drink (maybe half a beer) and never get drunk. I don’t smoke or do drugs… I love Opera music. I was born in the south, lived in the south, left the south (not willingly) and last year came back to the south… I guess you can’t keep me outta the south lol. I use to play soccer, cheer, run cross country, track (and high jump) and dance. I love the ocean, but hate water. I blame my dad for dunking me too many times when I couldn’t swim. I love the woods. I love the 80’s… style, music, movies, everything! I am a non-practicing Catholic. I love to travel!!! You say road trip and my bag has been packed 2 weeks before you said anything lol. I don’t like people who judge. I state facts, no make judgments.  If you have sex, you aren’t a slut, but if you have sex with 10 guys~yeah about that… People live off of gossip, so don’t say you don’t gossip. Everybody does, it’s part of the human nature. I don’t like when parent FORCE their beliefs onto their kids, especially at an early age. No one will believe the exact same thing you do. Don’t brain wash your kid. They will believe what they want when they want. A little guidance is ok, but don’t shove it down their throats. People piss me off the most when they say what I believe is wrong… Who’s to say we aren’t all right and we aren’t all wrong? I know my beliefs and I still keep an open mind on others beliefs so I do not intentionally offend them. I am strictly pro life. When I took a childhood development class back in high school we learned a zygote is a brain cell… If there’s a brain cell there is a being. Yes at first it must be parasitic to grow and live inside of you. but it is still alive. Ok enough of that… I like to hand sew. I have made 2 sets of curtains, 2 body pillows, a quilt, patched a quilt, finished another that my mom started 20 years ago <3 , many more things lol. I love to doodle. I do not call it drawing at all. To me drawing is an idea already in mind and more often. I doodle randomly with random thoughts all pulled together as I go and it’s maybe once every 2 months. I love country, rock n roll and oldies. I listen to ICP and Eminem as well… Other than that, not a huge fan of rap. Oh BTW Rhythm and Blues died years ago… Now it’s more of an urban contemporary. Well dear sweet Tumblr, I must go. Grandparents are coming in town this weekend and I must clean!